Enjoy Christmas all wrapped up this year with Yes Chef Catering Christmas options. We promise we will let you take all the credit..!



Every year the conversation starts  –

“What are you doing for Christmas this year?”

Decisions have to be made.

“Will we go there and  maybe not get what we like or will we do it here at home?”

Then the words “Stress”  and “Hard Work” and  “I will have to do everything” jumps into your train of thought.

The budgeting , the shopping, the finding space in the fridge, the peeling the veg, cooking the turkey, making the desserts  all down to just one person in the family… yes YOU.

Not to mention all the work in prepping the vegetables for the soup and making sure the entire Christmas lunch is not  burnt or overcooked  (or under cooked )when it is served up  by YOU on Christmas day!

So what if there was another brilliant option for Christmas Dinner at Home?

Christmas Dinner cooked by a professional team of chefs  Yes Chef Catering (right here in Donegal)  who will prepare the vegetables make the soup, cook the turkey and the ham or sirloin of beef or a roast leg of lamb if you fancy something different.

They will serve this up with all the traditional sides such as buttered sprouts and lardons of bacon, creamy mashed potatoes , honey and thyme roast carrots and parsnips and the most delicious goose fat roast potatoes you have ever tasted.


Yes Chef Catering will also serve you up homemade festive desserts, that you will want again and again throughout the festive season so maybe order a few extra of  their Yes Chef festive treats.

Strawberry  cheesecake, black forest gateaux,  apple and cinnamon crumble,  dark chocolate and hazelnut brownie or even the most traditional of Christmas desserts Sherry trifle, there are lots more Christmas desserts… check out the menus below.




Depending on where you live they will deliver the day before Christmas or you come and pick up this fully prepared festive feast of a Christmas dinner and just finish off by heating it on Christmas day in the comfort and stress free space that will be your kitchen (all directions are given, so you cant go wrong).

Yes Chef Catering wont tell any of your family where it came from you can take the full credit if you wish… !


A Christmas all wrapped up from Yes Chef Catering is  great for your Christmas budget too and the full three course dinner with plenty of food for even the biggest eater in the family is only €26.

Check out all the menus and get in touch with the Yes Chef Christmas catering team who will advise on what you need and how it all works.


Quite simply

Yes Chef Catering do all the work this Christmas so you dont have to..


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